Recording Studio in Adelaide

Providing music production, vocal recording & processing services, commercial voice overs & audio books.

Music Production & Vocal Recording

More than just a soundproof room.

Our Adelaide recording studio is the place you’ve been searching for.

A completely sound treated space with an additional layer of sound treatment for high precision mixing and mastering. An eerily silent isolation booth for recording premium vocals, audiobooks, commercial voiceovers or automated dialog replacement for film and TVC.

The isolation booth has recorded and produced vocals for the likes of Will Sparks (Patience), Steve Aoki & Ben Nicky (Like It Like That) and is the home of Adelaide’s own M4SONIC.

Vocal Recording Services

Have an engineer record your vocal, add processing, tune, and timing. Perfect if you have an existing instrumental to record to.

Audiobook Recording

Ensure your next film or audiobook has the best audio quality possible. Record your Automated Dialogue Replacement with us to take your production to the next level.


Mixing and Mastering

Send your pre-master, stem mix or entire multitrack and we will mix and master your record ready for commercial distribution.

Modern, comfortable recording studio

Operating from a modern, comfortable recording studio just a few minutes from the Adelaide CBD, Matrix offers a friendly and professional environment for your recording sessions. There is on-site parking and we are just a short walk from Tram Stop 6 on South Road.

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